Tom Lee-Gough

Holly Activities

Previously, I wrote about the medicine tracking within my webapp, Holly. This is part 2. When going on holiday, or just generally planning what to do, we would come up with activities. These would be as bookmarks or a list of some sort. Sometimes, we'd be stuck with indecision and couldn't think of anything to do. So I added activities to Holly.

The activities manager takes a title, short description, and a comma separated list of tags. The tags can be used to filter the activities in the list. To manage the tags, they can be deleted, cloned, renamed, and merged with other tags.


Activity List

Activity list with tags and actions. Actions include: - mark as done - archive - edit - delete

Activity List

Tag Manager

View a complete list of tags. Edit, delete or clone tags. Tag Editor

Edit a Tag

Rename or merge a tag. Edit a Tag