Tom Lee-Gough


According to gitea, I started writing Holly in Nov 2021. I'm not sure exactly what triggered it, but I wrote Holly to solve a problem that I was having. I have two kids and me and my wife were relying on Google Notes to have some shared notes. One of which was a summary of which child took medicine and at what time. During particularly heavy bouts of illness and teething, we had to try and work out how many doses in 24 hours and the intervals each child could take.

Throw in trying to work out the different doses in the middle of the night between infant paracetamol and 6+ paracetamol too. Needless to say, it was a challenge.

So I did what any sane person would do - wrote a Flask app to record the information. It started out covering only the medicines, but now has been expanded out to cover our weekly meal lists and activities that we'd like to do or have planned whilst we're on holiday. I'm planning on expanding the functionality further.

Future developments I have planned are:

  • Lists - We have a list in Google Notes that gets cloned before we go on holiday and checked off when items are packed.
  • Schedules - Some things like dentist visits, car maintenance, or cat flea treatments need to happen regularly, but I want a way of logging when a thing happens, and showing when the next occurance is due.

Holly is built in Flask, using spectre.css, Font Awesome, and sqlite.



Create medicies to track and people to allocate them to.


Add a dose

Log the medicine, date, time, and person

Add a dose

Last 24 hours

See the medicine that everyone has taken in the last 24 hours.

Medicine taken in prior 24 hours

View doseages for different medicines

Not sure how much of a given medicine to take? Check the dosages and frequencies.

View dosage

Last 5 days History

Want to see how much medicine everyone in the household has taken in the last 5 days? Check the history!

Dosage history