Tom Lee-Gough


I am Tom. This is my personal website. I've liked the idea of a website for a while, so here it is!

I am a qualified accountant and currently work as finance systems mamanger for a tech company. As I have an interest in IT and know some coding, I've been in several roles where the organisation wants to implement new accounting software.

I have quite a few hobbies that seem to change a bit over time. I really like reading, do some photography, knit, ride bikes, write web apps, and listen to quite a bit of music. I'm a fan of FOSS software and have tried to implement it in many of my workplaces. My biggest FOSS successes was implementing RocketChat, including the LiveChat features, for one company. I also managed to roll out LibreOffice to a number of users. I spend time over on Mastodon.

This blog covers areas that interest me and help me to write up projects I've gone thru. Hopefully, you'll find something interesting or useful. If you're really interested or just bored, you can read my master's degree research.

This blog is written is generated with Pelican, but has seen many guises:

This site is a member of the Extreme HyperText Movement for Luddites. Though, I must confess this site does use some css. Everything is contained in a div with the following:

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