Tom Lee-Gough

Pocket Operator

I'm a bit late to the party, but I recently came across teenage engineering's pocket operator. I think my mind was flitting about thinking about drum machines to play guitar along with, but I also listen to a bit of chiptune, so started reading about sythesizers. And then I found the pocket operator. It is a fantastic device!

It is a mini synth/sequencer. There are a bunch of preset sounds that can be sequenced. I can make electronic music without actually being talented, or having to learn an instrument properly. I initially ought the PO-20 Arcade (left, purple), which has some retro arcade type sounds for a true chiptune vibe. I liked it so much I bought a used PO-12 Rhythm (right, green). You can link them together with an audio aux cable to sync all the beats together. I'm looking forwards to making music!

Pocket Operators