Tom Lee-Gough

Operating System

My main computer is an Librem-13 V3 by Purism. I was a long-time Apple fanboi from when I could use computers, until Autumn 2018. I had dabbled with Ubuntu for the 10 years or so prior but not gotten anywhere. I think that there was too much of a hurdle or fear of moving to another operating system. I had a 21.5" iMac for about 8 years. It was an excellent computer, but was getting a bit slow. An iMac being an iMac, I was very limited in what I could actually do to upgrade. I had already maxed out the RAM, but wasn't really brave enough to remove the screen and install an SSD. After being so pleased with the iMac, I thought that I'd get another. I like taking photos, so thought I'd get a 4k iMac.

It was terrible. I was mostly interested in using Adobe's Lightroom, but it was too slow. I had restored from a TimeMachine backup, and the HDD index for about a week. There was something not right. After swapping for another iMac and the same happening, I felt burnt. I decided to take the plunge and go full Linux. Now I've been using Linux for a couple of years full time, I'm upset how much I missed out on! Linux is the OS of dreams!

The Librem came with PureOS preinstalled. PureOS is Purism's own Debian based OS, with a security and more FOSS focus. You can install non-free software, it's just made a little more difficult. It served pretty well, however, I wanted a change. Not wanting to learn new terminal commands, I took a look at Ubuntu and some Ubuntu derivatives.

I recently came across Prism Break, a website dedicated to suggesting alternative software to make mass surveillance uneconomic. Ubuntu was not recommended due to potential spyware and bundling an Amazon app. Reading some of the justification comments, I think that there is concern over Canonical's ethics and commitment to FOSS. At any rate, I am now on Debian main with the KDE desktop environment. I like it.

UPDATE: My battery was not lasting long at all. GNOME seems to be much more battery friendly. I couldn't really ascertain why, or what I could do to tweak KDE.